Living in Mauritius

Embrace the dream of living in Mauritius with Edenrock, where the vibrant culture, serene beaches, and welcoming community promise an idyllic lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. Explore how this island paradise can become your new home.

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Peaceful Society

Embracing Multicultural Harmony

Mauritius is a vibrant tapestry of cultures, shaped by a history of colonisation and immigration. This multiculturalism is evident in the island’s festivals, languages, and everyday life. Celebrations like Divali, Chinese New Year and Holi bring the community together in joyous harmony. 

The island is a polyglot nation, with Creole, English and French spoken fluently by its residents. This linguistic diversity reflects the island’s rich heritage and fosters a sense of unity among its people. 

In Mauritius, you’ll experience a unique blend of cultures that create a warm, welcoming environment, perfect for those seeking a vibrant and inclusive community.


A global palette

A Culinary experience

Mauritius is a culinary haven, offering a delightful fusion of Creole, French, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. From bustling street food stalls to elegant fine dining restaurants, the island caters to every food lover’s dream. Picture yourself indulging in local favourites like dholl puri and freshly grilled seafood, with the rich aroma of spices wafting through the air. The island’s culinary scene promises not just a meal, but a sensory adventure.

Radiant with sunshine and packed with vitamins, Mauritius’s local fruits add to this culinary tapestry. The island offers a variety of organic exotic fruits, including juicy mangoes, sweet lychees, tangy passion fruits, and refreshing watermelons. Whether enjoyed fresh, as jams, jellies, or candied treats, or incorporated into local dishes and cocktails, these fruits bring a unique taste of paradise to your table. Embrace the vibrant colours and unique shapes of Mauritius’s tropical bounty and savour nature’s amazing flavours.

Whether you’re dining by the beach, grabbing a snack from a street vendor, or enjoying exotic fruits, Mauritius offers a feast for the senses, reflecting its vibrant cultural mosaic.

Activities for Every Adventurer


World Class Golfing

Golf enthusiasts can revel in the beauty of world-class courses set against stunning backdrops, where every swing is enhanced by the island's serene landscapes. 

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World Class Diving

The crystal-clear waters beckon for diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, fishing and sailing, offering vibrant marine life and stunning underwater vistas.

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Water Sport

World Class Water Sport

The crystal-clear waters beckon for diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, fishing and sailing, offering vibrant marine life and stunning underwater vistas.

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Outdoor Adventure

A Tropical Adventure

On land, the island’s lush forests, winding hiking trails, and cascading waterfalls invite exploration and discovery, promising breathtaking views and thrilling encounters with nature.

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Raising a Family in Mauritius

Embracing Multicultural Harmony

Starting a family brings new priorities and dreams, and Mauritius shines as a wonderful place to embark on this journey. Recognised as the safest country in Africa and the 23rd safest globally, Mauritius offers unparalleled security, even outranking nations like Italy, the UK, and France on the 2022 Global Peace Index. 


The island’s multicultural environment and warm, friendly locals foster a welcoming community. 

Excellent private schools and universities attract international students, ensuring diverse and high-quality educational opportunities. 

Children thrive with ample outdoor activities, benefiting from the healthy lifestyle promoted by Mauritius's beautiful beaches, parks, and nature reserves. 


Additionally, the island boasts an advanced healthcare system and modern infrastructure, further enhancing the quality of life. This peaceful atmosphere, combined with top-notch amenities, makes Mauritius the perfect place to raise a family.


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