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Imagine owning a slice of paradise where turquoise waters meet a booming financial hub. Welcome to Mauritius, the perfect destination for your next property investment. This island nation offers not just stunning beaches and luxurious living but also a thriving financial environment that makes it an attractive choice for investors worldwide.


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Mauritius: A Financial and Investment Hub

Mauritius has established itself as a leading international financial centre, attracting numerous financial institutions and businesses from around the world. The island’s strategic location between Africa and Asia, combined with its stable political environment and robust legal framework, makes it an attractive destination for foreign investment. The presence of world-class banks, investment companies, and financial services firms further enhances its appeal.


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High Rental Yields and Capital Growth

Mauritius’ property market is thriving, driven by high demand from both local and international buyers. This strong demand ensures good rental yields and significant capital growth over time. The island’s status as a premier tourist destination boosts the demand for rental properties, making it a lucrative investment. With limited land availability and controlled development policies, property values are sustained and often appreciate significantly. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure projects and a stable investment environment further enhance the potential for substantial returns on investment​

Why Invest in Properties in Mauritius?


Economic and Political Stability

Mauritius is distinguished by its dynamic and innovative economy, coupled with a rich multicultural heritage and enduring political stability. The island fosters a harmonious coexistence among its diverse religious communities, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for all residents. Since achieving independence in 1968, Mauritius has consistently maintained a stable political climate. The nation benefits from a skilled workforce, low unemployment rates, and a well-diversified and competitive economy.


Attractive Tax Regime

Mauritius offers substantial tax benefits for property investors. Foreign investors can benefit from a flat 15% tax rate on rental income after deducting expenses. Unlike many other countries, Mauritius imposes no capital gains tax on property resale, no inheritance tax, and no property or housing tax. Additionally, there are no social security contributions on rental income. The country also has double taxation agreements with over 40 countries, ensuring that investors avoid being taxed twice on the same income. These incentives, combined with the ability to repatriate profits without restrictions, make Mauritius a highly attractive destination for real estate investments.


Residency by Investment

Foreign investors looking to gain residency in Mauritius can do so by investing in property. This allows investors and their families to live and work in Mauritius without the need for additional permits. The residency is valid as long as the property is held. This option offers a streamlined path to residency, providing a secure and attractive investment opportunity in a politically stable and economically dynamic environment.

Investment Schemes for Foreigners

Property Development Scheme (PDS)

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is designed for foreigners who wish to invest in high-end residential properties in Mauritius. This scheme facilitates the development of luxurious residences and ensures buyer protection through regulatory oversight. The minimum investment required is USD 375,000, which not only provides a premium living experience but also qualifies the investor for permanent residency in Mauritius. These properties often include additional amenities such as spas, sports facilities, and concierge services, enhancing the luxury living experience​.


Ground Plus 2 Scheme (G+2)

The Ground Plus 2 (G+2) scheme allows foreigners to purchase apartments in buildings with at least three floors (ground plus two). The minimum investment must be MUR 6 million, and properties purchased for over USD 375,000 qualify the investor for permanent residency. This scheme offers more flexibility and opportunities for foreign investors looking to own property in Mauritius. The G+2 scheme also includes the ability to rent out the property, making it a versatile investment option.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider investing in Mauritius?

Mauritius is an attractive investment destination due to its stable political environment, robust economy, and strategic location. The island nation offers a favourable tax regime, a skilled workforce, and a strong legal framework that protects investors. Additionally, Mauritius is known for its high quality of life, making it an appealing place to live and work.

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