How to get Mauritian Citizenship by Investment

Mauritius, an island paradise in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and economic stability. It’s no wonder that investors from around the world are increasingly interested in acquiring Mauritius citizenship by investment. This blog post will explore the various pathways to Mauritius citizenship, highlight the benefits of the Mauritius residency schemes, and provide insights into why this island nation is an ideal destination for investors.

What is Mauritius Citizenship by Investment?

Mauritius citizenship by investment is a sought-after status that allows foreign investors to gain citizenship through significant financial contributions to the country’s economy. Although Mauritius does not currently offer a direct citizenship by investment program, investors can acquire residency through investment, which can eventually lead to citizenship.

Mauritius Residency Schemes

Mauritius offers several residency schemes that provide a pathway to citizenship. The most prominent of these schemes include:

  1. Investor Scheme: Under this scheme, foreign investors can obtain a residence permit by making a minimum investment of USD 50,000 in a new or existing business in Mauritius. The business must generate a minimum annual turnover of MUR 4 million (approximately USD 100,000) in the first year, with progressive growth targets in subsequent years.

  2. Real Estate Investment: Foreigners can acquire residency by purchasing property under schemes like the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Property Development Scheme (PDS), and the Smart City Scheme. A minimum investment of USD 375,000 in residential property is required.

  3. Professional Occupation: Professionals earning at least USD 60,000 annually can apply for a residence permit. This scheme is ideal for highly skilled individuals looking to live and work in Mauritius.

  4. Retired Non-Citizen Scheme: Retirees aged 50 and above can obtain a residence permit by transferring at least USD 1,500 per month (or USD 18,000 annually) to a local bank account in Mauritius.

Pathway to Citizenship in Mauritius

Step 1: Obtaining Permanent Residency

Acquiring Mauritius citizenship through the available residency schemes involves a multi-step process that requires meeting specific criteria and maintaining continuous residence in the country. The initial phase is obtaining permanent residency.

  1. Residence Permit: The first step is to acquire a residence permit through one of the Mauritius residency schemes. This can be achieved through various means, such as investment in a business, purchasing real estate under approved schemes, professional occupation, or retirement.

  2. Holding Period: Once the residence permit is obtained, the investor must hold this status for a minimum of three years. During this period, the individual must adhere to the requirements of their specific residency scheme, such as maintaining the business investment, owning the property, or continuing professional employment.

  3. Application for Permanent Residency: After fulfilling the three-year residence requirement, the individual is eligible to apply for permanent residency. The application process involves submitting relevant documentation to the Mauritian authorities, demonstrating compliance with the residency scheme’s conditions, and proving continuous residence in the country.

Step 2: Applying for Citizenship

Once permanent residency is secured, the pathway to Mauritius citizenship involves additional requirements and a further period of continuous residence.

  1. Continuous Residence: Permanent residents must reside in Mauritius for at least five years before applying for citizenship. This residency period is crucial as it demonstrates the individual’s long-term commitment to living in the country.

  2. Commitment to the Country: Applicants for Mauritius citizenship must show their dedication to integrating into the local community. This includes demonstrating knowledge of the local language, culture, and societal norms. Active participation in the community and contribution to the country’s socio-economic development are also important factors considered during the application process.

  3. Economic Contribution: Permanent residents seeking citizenship must have made significant contributions to the Mauritian economy. This can be through sustained business operations, investments, or other economic activities that benefit the country. The authorities will assess the applicant’s economic impact and their adherence to the investment or business requirements initially established under the residency scheme.

  4. Application Submission: The final step involves submitting the citizenship application to the relevant government department. The application must include all necessary documentation, such as proof of residence, economic contributions, and evidence of integration into Mauritian society. The authorities will review the application, and successful applicants will be granted Mauritius citizenship.

Benefits of Mauritius Citizenship

Gaining Mauritius citizenship by investment offers numerous advantages:

  1. Global Mobility: Mauritius passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries, including the European Union, the UK, and many Asian nations.

  2. Favourable Tax Regime: Mauritius has a competitive tax system with no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, and a low corporate tax rate of 15%. The country also has an extensive network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAs).

  3. High Quality of Life: Mauritius boasts excellent healthcare and education systems, modern infrastructure, and a safe and welcoming environment. The island’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities add to its allure.

  4. Business Opportunities: As a thriving international financial centre, Mauritius offers a conducive environment for business growth and investment. The government’s pro-business policies and strategic location make it an ideal hub for regional and global operations.

  5. Stable Political and Economic Environment: Mauritius has a stable political climate and a strong legal framework that protects investors. The country’s consistent economic growth further enhances its appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mauritius Citizenship by Investment?

Mauritius citizenship by investment is a pathway for foreign investors to acquire citizenship by making significant financial contributions to the Mauritian economy. Although Mauritius does not offer a direct citizenship by investment program, residency schemes provide a route to citizenship.

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