The most prominent concept of the development are the towering series of basalt walls, aligned with and framing the magnificent sea view through a line of filao trees. These walls are a reinterpretation of stone structures that dominate the landscape of the island and impart a unique sense of privacy and seclusion as well as a thermal mass to cool internal spaces. The majority of the 1 hectare property remains lush tropical gardens, with numerous ponds allowing cool air to flow naturally over the water and through the vertical wooden screens.


The contemporary design incorporates local tropical materials to produce a truly authentic elegance living. Under their 2.8m high ceilings, the spaces are cool and bright. The soft colours, sleek textures and clear-cut shapes of the decor contribute to an atmosphere of rest while the floor to ceiling glass walls and glazed balconies, positioned between the iconic basalt wall provide an unmatched blend of openness and intimacy.


The sports club and beach bar run along the boundary of the property to the beach, and include an innovative green roof which blends the infrastructure into the landscape.


Located in the most secluded corner of the garden, the spa is exclusively reserved for residents and their visitors. The modern Bali style design balances the traditional elements of water, rock, air and sunshine.